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ProModel Tutorials & Videos
Gerne stellen wir Ihnen hier eine Übersicht über die verfügbaren Video Tutorials zum Simulationswerkzeug ProModel zur Verfügung.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie entweder auf den GBU oder ProModel YouTube Kanal weitergeleitet werden. 


ProModel Tutorials

26.06.2012 ProModel Quickstart Video Tutorial
01.09.2011 ProModel 2011 Video Tutorial | Anhänge
02.11.2018 What is SimRunner?

ProModel What's new Tutorials

16.11.2017 ProModel und MedModel 2018 | What's new?
02.12.2016 ProModel und MedModel 2016 SP1 | What's new?

ProModel Refresher Courses

2018 | 10 Optimization Using Simrunner | Webinar Dateien (*.zip)
2018 | 09 Basic Training
2018 | 03 Extended FeaturesWebinar Dateien (*.zip)
2017 | 04 AutoCAD App | Webinar Dateien (*.zip)

ProModel How-to Videos

24.02.2016 Calculate How Long it Took to Get a Resource
24.02.2016 Change Static Resource Graphics
24.02.2016 Control Entity Entries Into an Area
24.02.2016 Experiment With Different Arrays
24.02.2016 Export All Variable Value Changes to an Array
24.02.2016 Import Distribution Strings From an Array / Excel
24.02.2016 Load Unload Example
24.02.2016 Location Resource Capacity
24.02.2016 Subroutine Parameters
24.02.2016 Varying Move Time - ProModel Solution
24.02.2016 While Do Loop Example
09.03.2015 Calculate and Display Cycle Time and Average Cycle Time
13.02.2015 Three Minute Overview of ProModel's Portfolio Scheduler
26.01.2015 Disable Entity Arrivals in Scenario Manager
19.01.2015 Routing To a Specific Location Unit
12.01.2015 Calculate the Distance a Resource Travels
29.12.2014 Entity Preemption - Emergency Room Patient Severity
15.12.2014 Location Units as a Scenario Parameter
08.12.2014 Shift Carryover
10.11.2014 Check Time of the Day / 24 Hour Clock Functionality
12.10.2014 Base Shift Doesn't Show in Calendar View - Calendar Editor
22.09.2014 Split and Group Technique
09.09.2014 Patient Flow – Ambulatory Care OR Suite Model – (Output)
03.07.2014 How to Change or Add an Entity Alignment Spot
08.01.2014 Thruster Assets Management Model - United Space Alliance
07.10.2013 Unloading Entities at Differing Desired Locations
01.10.2013 Change Entity Graphics During Simulation
26.08.2013 Release / Free One of Many Possible Owned Resources
15.07.2013 The ORDER statement
09.07.2013 How to Open Another Location if Entities Are Backed Up
26.06.2013 How To Calculate Total Location / Equipment Usage Time
30.05.2013 How To Delete a Large Amount of Records at Once
21.05.2013 Entity Sizes Determine Location Capacity - Pizza Oven
06.05.2013 How To Create Your Own Graphics Library
02.05.2013 Preemptive Location Downtimes & Preemptive Process Records
23.04.2013 How to set a Percent Availability for a Resource in ProModel
09.04.2013 How To Use the Same Resource That an Entity Previously Used